Unraveling The Narcissist

Narcissists are puppet masters. They make you do and be whatever they want you to do/be. Your are his/her puppet. And they will force you to follow their script and act they way they want until your puppet strings snap, leading to your final destination the trash. No one should be a puppet, people should be allowed to be themselves. You’re not his/her puppet. Not anymore.

Signs Of A Narcissist:

I didn’t know my best friend was a narcissist until I did my research on narcissism and now it’s so clear. He is a narcissist. He had played me with out me even knowing. So here’s a list for you to recognise the signs of a puppet master.

  • Two Faced – They pretend to like you and then slag you off behind your back.
  • They blame their failures and/or inability to do something on others.
  • Acts different in public.
  • Irresponsible and unreliable.
  • Arrogant and acts superior to people close to them.
  • Lives in a fantasy world.
  • Addicted to fantasy behaviour/other fantasy things.
  • Lies a lot and will distort facts and change events to make themselves seem better.
  • Irresponsible with money.
  • Emotionally distant/unavailable unless they want something.
  • Lack of sympathy for others.
  •  Controlling.
  • Unable to relax/sleep.
  • Provoke people and then blame them for the fight.
  • Trouble with admitting their mistakes.
  • and much more

I am heart-broken to find that my best friend was a narcissist. I was blind to it at first but now I know and I cant help but feel stupid for falling for his tricks. I thought he cared for me, I thought he wanted me not my money, I thought we where best friends. Turns out I was his puppet. But now I have cut the puppet strings and has no control over me anymore. Yes he will try to attach them again but I wont let him. His mask has been revealed and I have seen his true personality.

Narcissism can be the most damaging thing a person can go through. It’s mentally abusive, if it was to show on your body like physical abuse you would be in hospital close to death. The worst thing is it’s the people who are the closest to you that are throwing these mental punches. People have had to have counselling after dealing with a narcissist as it messes with your mind so much, you wont know what to believe, who to trust and if you’re the good guy.

What’s more maddening is that the more you try to prove they are a narcissist the more they will make you seem like the crazy mean bully. They will turn people against you and act like the victim, they produce fake tears, they lie and people will hate you. And you’re the victim, not fair I know. The best thing to do is get them out your life, cut the ropes and then show no emotion towards them and anyone that believes their lies. Surround yourself with people who believe you and who you can trust and have fun. That will show the narcissist that they haven’t won and life carries on.

Sadly there is no cure for narcissism, if someone is a narcissist they will most likely be one their whole life. Even if they say they have changed it is one of their tricks to take control again. Sadly my best friend happened to be a narcissist and I have lost him to the power of his own lies. He has turned people against me. He has tried to make me feel like the bad guy. But I wont give in as I’m not going to be his puppet anymore. I will follow my own dreams. I will live my life not his.


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