Saying Goodbye To Negativity

“You cant expect to live a positive life around negative people.”

Everyone will come across negativity during their life. But their is 2 ways to deal with the negative, let it consume you and thrive from your sadness or force it out and let is starve from lack of control.

Letting negativity consume you is the worst thing anyone could do. Its easy to allow it in but near impossible to get rid of it afterwards. It can lead to suppression, depression and in some cases suicide. Negativity is a parasite, it feeds from our hopes and dreams and crushes them to survive. But like other parasites they must be dealt with.

We must not become hostage to our own negativity as well as others. We got to fight towards our goals and dreams. By doing so the negativity will lose power and shrivel until there nothing left. Don’t loose sight of your dreams and goals they are the only things that can save you from negativity and the only thing¬†that will keep you afloat on the sea of depression and sorrows. Don’t give up,¬†if you do then the parasite wins and will spread to¬†thousands more people.

Our goals and dreams however can’t supress negativity alone we must help it so we can finally get rid of the negative and make more room for the positive. This is a war between the positive and the negative.¬†The negative side is ruthless, cheating, merciless where as the positive¬†is bright, kind, sweet¬†and caring. Yes the negative¬†can be more powerful but with our help as well¬†as the help of our goals and dreams positivity will have a chance to win. We must win¬†this battle. It is a battle that everyone must fight to truly live a happy life. And yes the negative can return afterwards but we will become stronger and survive we will fight, we will win. Even if we have to fight over and over again, it will become easier and our life will be so much happier. Now that’s a life worth living. So goodbye negativity, you will not win this fight, cause we have the will to win and the dreams to lift us above. Goodbye negativity.


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